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This package has everything you need to get a successful start in the Private Investigation Business.  The package includes the book on CD, "Building A Successful Private Investigation Business" and four CD's;  ONLINE INVESTIGATOR, contains all the top data bases and free resources that the pro's use.  BACKGROUND INVESTIGATOR, guides you from start to finish on how to do background checks, also includes forms.  INVESTIGATIVE FORMS, contains all the blank forms you need as a private investigator.  U.S. COUNTY COURTHOUSES, contains the addresses and phone numbers for every Courthouse in the United States.  BLACK BAG, contains information on doing surveillance and other tricks of the trade.

The CD's in this package sell seperately for $25.00 each, throw in the book and you have over a $150.00 value for only $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

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This CD contains over 292 legal contracts and forms for almost every occassion. These forms sell seperately online for $4.98 ea!  This is a must have for only $29.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

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According to National Resource and Training "one of the best books on getting started in the business, easy to read and full of helpful information to guaranty your success"

This book will take you from the basics of getting started to today's technologies and using the computer to make money. A must if you are considering becoming a Private Investigator.

Available on CD.. On Sale $19.95

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This interactive CD was developed along with a companion seminar on Using The Internet In Private Investigations.

Simply insert the CD into your CD-ROM and you will find many free web sites that will enable you to access public information available on the web. Also included are my favorite pay sites that make their services available to Private Investigators. These are the sites that can help take your business to the top.

Whether you are a Private Investigator or not you will find this CD useful in your investigations.

CD.. $19.95 Regulary $29.95

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This CD is set up to guide you through the steps of doing a Background Check on any individual, whether local, statewide or nation wide. Every human relations director, small business person, private investigator, law enforcement officer, or any other person or company that needs to know about a person past history will find this product a true asset. Load of links to both free and fee based databases used by professionals are included on this disk. Find out how to locate criminal records, driving history, education levels, financial status, work history, and much more. This CD will guide you through the entire process. It includes forms (WORD and WORD PERFECT formats) that you will need in getting the permission to get some information as required by law. Whether you are doing Background Checks as a profession or simply want to know how to check out that new boyfriend or neighbor, this CD will give you all the tools you need. Prepared by John Cook, CPT. John Cook worked in law enforcement for over 20 years and now owns and operates a Private Investigation company ( that does background, criminal, domestic, and workman compenstation fraud cases. Cook is also an instructor for National Resource & Training Services ( who does continuing education classes for private investigators.  Only $19.95

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This useful CD comes loaded with assorted blank investigative forms that you can print out and use in building your business. Includes client agreements.

CD.. $14.95


U.S. County Courthouses

Valuable Data Base containing all known County Courthouses for all fifty States.  Simply choose a State from the list and you will have at your fingertips, a complete list of all County Courthouses.  This list includes addresses and phone numbers.

You do not need to have your browser on to use this program.  The entire Data Base is contained on this disk.

CD..  $19.95


All products may be ordered by mail or over the phone.  Please see home page for mailing address and Toll Free Numbers

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