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Become a Private Investigator Package: 4 CDs and 1 Book on CD

This package includes "The On Line Investigator" CD (our most popular PI product), "The Background Investigator" CD, "PI Forms" CD (a must for all PIs), "The PI Black Bag" CD, and "U.S Courthouse CD" and a copy of "Building A Successful Private Investigation" Book.on CD . Over a 150.00 value!!!!! Great resource for the veteran investigator and a must for anyone wanting to start or just starting in the business.


NEW UPDATED VERSION: The Online Private Investigator CD is one of the most needed tools in doing private investigations or locating people and business anywhere in America. This is not one of those find anybody ads. This is a serious investigation tool created by professional Private Investigators. This CD is self-loading and has hyper links to both free and fee investigation sites and tools. This CD is the companion to a Private Investigator Seminar taught to actual private investigators. This is a great tool for anyone who needs to do research for family members. Great for lawyers, human relations directors, landlords, credit companies and any one else who needs to know history and backgrounds of people.

The Background Investigator CD:.   This CD is set up to guide you through the steps of doing a Background Check on any individual, whether local, statewide or nation wide. Every human relations director, small business person, private investigator, law enforcement officer, or any other person or company that needs to know about a person past history will find this product a true asset. Load of links to both free and fee based databases used by professionals are included on this disk. Find out how to locate criminal records, driving history, education levels, financial status, work history, and much more. This CD will guide you through the entire process. It includes forms (WORD and WORD PERFECT formats) that you will need in getting the permission to get some information as required by law. Whether you are doing Background Checks as a profession or simply want to know how to check out that new boyfriend or neighbor, this CD will give you all the tools you need. Simply start at the tab marked Intro and you will be on your way. Make sure you read the section on legal issues before doing Pre-Employment Background Checks. There is a lot of information to make sure you do it correctly and meet all legal requirements. From a basic check to an in depth review of a person past, the Background Investigator CD provides you with the knowledge and tools to do the job right.

Private Investigation Forms CD: This CD has 35 different forms that are needed for private investigators and many can be used for any business. All forms are in Word and Word Perfect formats and are easily editable for your business. You can add your logo and address or makes changes, as you need. All forms are ready to print and use. The CD is auto-run. Forms included on this CD are 1) Payroll Summary, 2) Phone Call Log, 3) Photo Log, 4) Power of Attorney, 5) Process Return, 6) Subpoena, 7) Tenant Check, 8) Time Sheet, 9) Voice Analysis Consent, 10) Affiliation Letter, 11) Applicant Information Release, 12) Assets Check Investigation, 13) Back Ground Check, 14) Bad Check Notice, 15) Chain of Possession, 16) Cheating Spouse Tip Sheet, 17) Client Information Form, 18) Confidentially Agreement, 19) Demand for Payment, 20) Drug Testing Consent Form, 21) Drug Testing Notice, 22) Employment Application, 23) Equipment Inventory, 24) Drug Testing Consent Vehicle Reference, 25) Fax Cover Sheet, 26) Field Interview, 27) General Agreement, 28) General Release. 29) Indemnity, 30) Invoice, 31) Investigator?s Log, 32) Medical Release, 33) Non Compete, 34) Weekly Planner 35) Tips for Recognizing Worker Compensation Fraud. These forms are general in nature and should be used as guidelines for creating your own forms. All forms should be adjusted to meet your needs and your local and state laws accordingly.

The P.I.'s Black Bag CD: is exactly what it says! A little black bag full of resources, tools, information, and tricks of the trade designed to aid even the seasoned investigator. This CD was developed to aid any investigator in their every day work by putting information at their fingertips in an easy to use format. Included on this disk is surveillance tips and tricks; DMTF decoding information; cellular telephone information and frequencies; cordless telephone information and frequencies; national wide scanner and radio frequencies; how to build and detect wired and wireless bugs and taps; list of free software that is useful to a PI; and legal information sites. This is a must for anyone needing to use or learn more about counter measures. The P.I.'s Black Bag is the perfect companion CD to our Online Investigator CD.

U.S. County Courthouse List CD: This CD contains the address of the county clerk, their address and telephone of every county in the 50 states and Washington, DC. This is a very helpful tool for anyone involved in genealogy, private investigations, property research, asset location, and other information you may need to locate from a courthouse record.  A valuable Data Base containing all known County Courthouses for all fifty States. Simply choose a State from the list and you will have at your fingertips, a complete list of all County Courthouses. This list includes addresses and phone numbers.  You do not need to have your browser on to use this program. The entire Data Base is contained on this disk. Created ©October 2003.

BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PRIVATE INVESTIGATION BUSINESS (book on CD). This book is a must read for anyone who is considering starting or just started a Private Investigation business. Even the seasoned PI who needs to give his or her business a shot in the arm can benefit from this book. The book includes the contacts for licensing in each state, home vs. storefront discussion, PI basics, ten ways to make money, tricks of the trade, ethics and much, much more. There are many link to important web-sites listed in the book. The book is written by John W. Cook, CPT. Cook spent over 22 years in law enforcement before retiring and beginning his PI company ( Cook soon found that his past experience in law enforcement, although helpful, had not prepared him for all the things he needed to know in starting a new PI business. He spent the past several years gathering information for this book. Every PI needs to read this book!


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